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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Transplant Games of America

It's that time of year again. The 2012 Summer Olympics has the world on the edge of their seats. We've already seen several Golds won by the US. It is a wonderful compilation of all the athletes' hard work, paying off in the great city of London. Congrats to all the Olympic Athletes for jobs well done!

Meanwhile, in the Grand Rapids in Michigan another set of games is going on. The Transplant Games of America. Taken from the official Transplant Games of 

America website, the games are a " a multi-sport festival event for athletes who have undergone life-­saving transplant surgeries and living donors. Competition is open to anyone who has received a solid organ transplant or bone marrow donation. 

Visit their website website to learn more about them and the heroic athletes and families that are there this summer: 

Stay tuned in days to come as I try to get some of the athletes to stop by the blog for an interview.
If you participated in the Transplant Games, contact me on my Facebook Page ! 

                          HAPPY TRANSPLANT GAMES! 

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