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Monday, February 11, 2013


This weekend I found out a dear friend in our church community died. He was waiting for a heart transplant, but did not get his heart in time. The shortage of organs is very real and the effect of that shortage can hit anywhere or anyone. 

Who was this person? He was a father, grandfather, friend, family, parishioner, a leader, an umpire, and a CTK softball General Manager. When he umped games, he taught children about the game. He was brave enough to get behind the batters in the batting cage-catchers learning their position often missed catching the ball and the balls hit his ankles instead. He will always be remembered for all he did and who he was. 


He loved the young kids,
It showed on his face,
He smiled through games,
He taught kids with grace.

He gave kids a sport,
Everyone could go play,
"Have fun! Play Nice!"
And all'd be okay.

He taught and he umped,
For me and for you.
All so our kids
Had a fun thing to do.

"Softball" and "Quinn"
Were names all as one.
No one could top
Everything he'd done.

Where ever you'd go,
Where ever you'd stay,
You'd hear the name Quinn
And think "C.T.K."

So off now to Heaven,
Our dear John Quinn,
May that ballfield be greater
Than the one you began in.

--With much love,
Jennifer Gladen and Family 

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