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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Common Myths About Organ Donation

While there are some extraordinary and uncommon experiences out there, the truth is organ donation is a life saving option when the unthinkable happens. According to facts from the Donate Life Pa website, while about 85% of Pennsylvanians support organ donation, only about 45% are registered. Why? After viewing different conversations on social networking sites, I think alot has to do with myths about organ donation.

#1 -  One of the biggest myths and ethical concerns I see is that people are afraid their lives won't be saved by their own doctors if they are registered organ donors or if they agree to donate their organs. 

Fact : The  medical staff whose job it is to save your life is compeltely separate from the transplant teams. It is not until after death is declared that organ donation is considered and a transplant team is notified of an available organ.

#2 - It is unethical to donate an organ.
Fact: Organ Donation is an acceptable process for most religions. Here is a list of major religions and their position on organ donation found at Donate Life PA's website.

#3 - My organ is going to someone who did not take care of themselves.

Fact: - Most transplant candidates are on the transplant list due to severe diseases through no fault of the patient. In the low instances of drug abuse or alcoholism, the patient must be sober for at least five months before even being added to the transplant list.

There are several other myths about organ donation. Please take a look at Gife of Life Donor Program.

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